Going Deep: Work and Process Presented by Three Artists

Location and time:
245 Halsey Street, Newark, NJ
Saturday, June 24, noon to 5 PM

Index Art Center is proud to present Going Deep: Work and Process Presented by Three Artists, a three person exhibition and in-depth artist presentations featuring Patricia Dahlman, Bisa Washington, and Stafford Woods. A physical exhibition of work by Dahlman, Washington, and Woods will be on display for the entirety of the program.

Patricia Dahlman is a New Jersey based artist who creates sculpture and two-dimensional works using fabric and thread. Bisa Washington is a sculptor, printmaker, and writer. Issues in her work focus around her heritage and identity as an African American woman. Stafford Woods is a photographer possessing a creative eye and a love for the arts. Woods has been a photo documentarian of artistic events throughout the city for over a decade and a Studio Manager at Obscura Darkroom in Newark.

Artist presentations will be conducted in a lecture-style format, accompanied by visuals detailing artistic practices and works. Following each presentation of roughly 20 – 30 minutes, a relaxed one-on-one interview will be hosted by Colleen O’Neal, diving deeper into the works, process, and each artist’s relationship with Newark. Interviews will culminate with an audience-led q&a session followed by an intermission before the next presentation. Each session will be recorded and live-streamed on Facebook. Light refreshments will be served.

Patricia Dahlman
Bisa Washington
Stafford Woods

Co-Curated by:
Lowell Graig
Colleen G. O’Neal

As always, IAC’s event is free and open to the public.

This event has been made possible through funding by the NJPAC North2Shore Festival and a pop-up space provided by RBH.

N2S is hosted by three incredible and unique cities, Atlantic City (June 4–11), Asbury Park (June 14–18) and Newark (June 21–25)

For information on all events: https://northtoshore.com/awardees/