Index Fine Art Auction


Index Fine Art Auction.
Reception and silent auction: Saturday, December 10, 6 to 11pm.
Bidding ends at 10pm.

Index Art Center is proud to announce our 6th annual fundraiser and silent art auction. Index’s Fine Art Auction will present a unique opportunity to collect works of art by emerging and established artists! Proceeds will benefit the gallery so that we may continue our mission of presenting compelling exhibitions, multi-media events and workshops that help make Newark a worthwhile destination for the visual arts, music and independent film. We are very appreciative to have been able to continue where we left off after the fire that put us out of commission for almost a year back in 2013. This year is an especially important one as we have expanded to the ground floor, and we now occupy three full floors. This a big step for us and we’re counting on your support more than ever!

We wish to thank all the artists who have generously donated work in support of this event which is one of our largest streams of annual revenue:

Agnes Deja, Aileen Bassis, Alexa Rae Coppola, Alyssa Fanning, Anna Carina Sinocchi, Anna Ryabtsov, Anne McKeown, Anne Novado, Anonda Bell, Ariel Shamir, Bar Shoham / Gregory Gramm, Ben Jones, Brooke Garlick, Charlee Swanson, Chris Rivas, Cicely Cottingham, Colleen Gutwein, Colin Sheilds, Daniel Brophy, Darren Jones, Desiree Feliciano, Diana Palermo, Diane Tenerelli-June, Dominique Duroseau, Doris Cacoilo, Eric Valosin, Esmeralda Vazquez, Evonne Davis, Gabe Gutierrez, Gail Winbury, Gianluca Bianchino, Gregory Coates, Hayoon Jay Lee, Heidi Hussa, Hiroshi Kumagai, Ibou Ndoye, Jay Wilson, Jeanne Brasile, Jessica Ellis, Jillian Keats, Jim Prez, Joann Hughes, Joe Valentine, Joseph O’neal, Judith Page, Justin Grabosky, Kati Vilim, Katrina Bello, Kelli McGuire, Kevin Durkin, Laura Lou Levy, Layqa Nuna Yawar, Lilly Ribeiro, Linda Chen, Linda Everswick, Lisa Conrad, Lisette Morel, Lizz De Simone, Lizzy Storm, Lowell Eugene Craig, Lucia Burrafato, Luisa Pinzon, Marc D’Agusto, Matthew Gosser, Milcah Bassel, Nell Painter, Noah Tavlin, Pat Lay, Patricia Dahlman & Michael Dalcerro, Phil Shimko, Raisa Nosova, Robert Lach, Robert Shoup, Ruth Borgenicht, Samantha Katehis, Sarah Ruth French, Sohoah Angela Lee, Sophia Sobers, Stephane Graciet, Stephania Panepinto, Stephen McKenzie, Sunil Garg, Tom Banks, Will Corwin, Winifred McNeill, and Zoe Baldwin

MC: Lillian Ribeiro
DJ’s: Andrew Petillo and Roach Cola
FOOD: 27 Mix and Kilkenny Alehouse

Reception and silent auction:Saturday, December 10, 6 – 11PM

Index Art Center
237 Washington Street
Newark, NJ 07102
Gallery ph. 862-218-0278