filmideo clapper 2017



The Installation monitor will be playing selected works starting at 1pm on Saturday, April 29 continuously throughout the day and evening.

Thomas Kyhn Rovsing HjørnetThe History of Religion – Copenhagen, Denmark

Heidi H. Wettach and Leanna GrennanSOUND and BODY – Newark / Brooklyn

Lowell Craig and Colleen Gutwein – untitled – Newark, NJ

Billy SimsFour Building Scan TV Tube – Chicago, IL

Manasak KhlongchainanVR – Bangkok, Thailand

Anouska Samms & Sofia PancucciMcQueenThe Baths, UK

Myriam Thyes – SMART PANTHEON – Dusseldorf, Germany

Marie-France Giraudon entro(SCO)py – Montreal, Canada

Lyla RyeOvershadow – Toronto, Canada

John MutterHow To Protect What Is Important To You – Canada

Toban Nichols – Saturnine Tassajara – Los Angeles, CA

Cugeeno BenattiMemories Still Exist in the Practice of a Fading Repetition – Berlin, Germany

Joe Waks.commajeste americain– Bayonne, NJ

Di HUPassage – Shanghai, China

Ana BarrosoTRANSITIONS – Portugal

Katie CerconeSOLARA Saturnalia (Kawaii KALi REDUX) – NY

Isabelle ArversHeroic_Makers_vs_Heroic_Land – France

Christian NiccoliDU BEI MIR – Berlin, Germany

Gwendoline PouchoulinWhat Material Are Dreams Made Of (Part 3) – French based in Oakland CA

Lin Li – Fragments of Peace – Hong Kong but now a British citizen residing in Scotland


Michelle MantsioTwo Brothers – Melbourne, Australia

Cong YaoThe Soliloquy in the Air – UK

Gabin Cortez ChanceDo Americans Dream of Being Electric Sheep – MA

Gabrielle LenhardRude Ink – Threesome – Brooklyn

Gary Zhexi ZhangThe Kernel Process – UK

Elliot StoreyThe Lovers – France

Katina BitsicasShe Wanted To Change the World – Columbia, MO

Damian Lintell-SmithGlitch in E Minor – London, UK

Chachee Valentine – La Flamme – Atlanta, GA

Zlatko Cosic, Eleanor Dubinsky and Laura FerroSHIFTED – Yuoslavia/USA

Irene Del MaestroSesión de Sonidos y Susurros – Bologna, Italy

Amy RobertsC.A.T – UK

James Brendan WilliamsHow to Disappear in America – San Francisco, CA

Christin BolewskiShizen-Natural – Germany

Katie CerconeSwagophilia’s $ong of Fleshy Wind – NY

Roland KranzOeffnen Progressive – Wendlingen, Germany

Katya GrokhovskyStatus Update – Born in Ukraine, raised in Australia, based in Brooklyn, NYC

Diego Faskner SilveiraNuvem Bola de Estática com Máquina de Pressão BW – Brasil

Jessica TsangWorld’s Fastest Violinist – UK / Malaysia

Camila MarchonExplosão – Brazil

Vishal KumaraswamyDdoes Anyone Know What’s Going On – India

Tina ŠulcMessy Flow – Ljubljana

Ingrid VerweijenCover of Cover of Adele Rolling in the Deep Nichole 337 –  Netherlands

Gabriela Dumitrescu Blue-Nigredo – Germany

Barry WhittakerCowboys and Samurai – OH

Milan ZulicThe Circle of life – Serbia

Johanna Evans-ColleyUntitled View #2  – Brooklyn

Johannes Christopher GérardSorrow – Germany and Netherlands

Marisa FinosVessel – MA

Rodney ReyesSnow Lea – Newark

Jade ChorkularbAnicca – Thailand London based artist

Jody ZellenLife Fragments – Santa Monica, CA

Tracy Miller-RobbinsStrange Neighbours – OH