Index Open Doors 2018

Please join us at Index Art Center Saturday October 6, 7 – 11 PM for multiple exhibitions on two different floors!
FIRST FLOOR: (233 Washington Street)
Art & Artifacts of Newark presents “Layers” works by Armisey Smith
Main Space: INTERSECTION 2018

SECOND FLOOR: (237 Washington Street)
Main Space: Newark Artists Photo Documentary Project
IAC Side Gallery: Fern & Fossil 2018 Fall Pop-Up Shop


(Happening on IAC 1st FLOOR MAIN SPACE)
‘Intersection’ features works by artists that have studios located at 31 Central Ave. and at 237 Washington St. in Newark, NJ.
31 Central has been occupied by artists and creatives for more than three decades, helping to establish an emerging arts community in the Halsey Street area and Downtown Newark. ‘Intersection’ will also feature works by artists that have studios at 237 Washington Street, Index Art Center’s new location after a fire displaced the organization in 2013. ‘Intersection’ was originally conceived of in 2011 as an annual exhibition to highlight artists that had been working at Index’s old location (585 Broad St.) and at 31 Central Ave. during Newark Open Doors. This exhibition follows suit. AS OF NOW all the artists located at 31 Central have been asked to vacate the building by the end of December 2018 so that developers can move forward with demolition of the building. The plan for the block is a residential building with commercial space on the ground floor. Intersection is curated by Lowell Eugene Craig, co-founder of IAC

31 Central Artists: Jerry Gant, Katrina Bello, Akintola Hanif, Stephen Mckenzie, Kevin Merkel, William Oliwa, German Pitre, Kati Vilim, and Robert Shoup.
237 Artists: Agnes Deja, Diana Palermo, Colin Sheilds, Patricia Dahlman, Kevin Durkin, Jeff Koroski, Colleen Gutwein, Lowell Craig, Jillian Keats, Peter Dougherty, Heidi Lorenz Wettach, Sally Helmi, Jamie Bruno, and Joseph O’Neal


(Also happening on IAC 1st FLOOR – Curatorial Residency space)
Art & Artifacts of Newark presents “Layers” works by Armisey Smith -curated by M.Gosser
Art & Artifacts of Newark is a pop-up gallery / shop created by M.Gosser as part of a curatorial residency with Index Art Center.
Regular hours are Noon to 6 PM Thurs, Fri, Sat.


(Happening on IAC 2nd FLOOR)
NEWARK ARTISTS PHOTO DOCUMENTARY PROJECT: we are the ghosts of our future ––2#/
The Newark Artists Photo Documentary Project documents established and emerging visual artists in the City of Newark, creating an archive of their contribution to the dynamic arts and cultural scene that has defined Newark’s artistic community for the past century. Utilizing vintage Jem Jr. box cameras manufactured in Newark in the 1940s, photographer Colleen Gutwein O’Neal captures artists’ personalities in fuzzy, mysterious images that emerge against a backdrop of vanishing architecture, forgotten places and artists’ workspaces threatened with demolition or redevelopment. Manufactured using the simplest form of photographic technology, the Jem Jr. images are created in conjunction with modern, digital portraits depicting the artists in their studios or homes. This digital archive, the first such directory of significant visual artists in Newark, provides a useful tool and networking resource for the community at large. The contrasting polarity of the historic vs the modern offers a provocative commentary on the place of the artist in today’s society and the importance of honoring and preserving forever their contributions to the creative life of New Jersey’s largest City.

We Are the Ghosts of our Future consists of the black and white images from the project taken with the Jem Jr. cameras, on display for the month of October at Index Art Center. Additional programming will be listed on the gallery and project websites. The free public digital archive is being completed and can be viewed during construction at:

Colleen Gutwein O’Neal, b.1981 NJ, is a digital and analog photographer from the Northeastern United States. She earned her degree in photography from Montclair State University in 2005 under Klaus Schnitzer and Nick Kline. Working predominantly in documentary and portraiture styles, globally and in her arts community in Newark, NJ, Colleen incorporates the use of alternative photographic processes in her exploration of the human experience, and the bounds of the photographic medium. She is currently a community partner at Shine Portrait Studio at Express Newark, and a resident artist at Index Art Center.

“As I engage in the world around me, I search for ongoing narratives within my community that connect to the essence of what it is to be human. Exploring consciousness and the inevitability of death, I photograph to immortalize and create images both to contribute and influence the culture in which I participate”
– Colleen Gutwein O’Neal

Admission is free and open to the public.

This event is sponsored by our neighbors 27 Mix and Kilkenny Alehouse.
Featured artist at 27 Mix (27 Halsey St.) TBA

Index Art Center
237 Washington Street
Newark, NJ 07102
Gallery ph. 862-218-0278