Newark Invitational 2014

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Exhibit will be on view through October 24

Newark Invitational 2014!
Index Art Center will be hosting two floors of artwork at their new gallery and studio space located at 237 Washington St. Newark NJ.
IAC’s main gallery space is located on the second floor of the old Gambert Shirt Factory. The gallery will be featuring the work of up-and-coming Montclair State MFA students as well as 2014 graduates from the same program. (see below for more info)
Goodwin Hall is located on the 3rd floor at 237 Washington St. and houses the studios of the artists participating in the Index Art Center Residency Program. Studios will be open to the public during the event . The residents at Index include filmmakers, textile designers, illustrators, sculptors, printmakers, photographers, and painters.
IAC Artist Residents are:
Samantha Katehis, Joe Valentine, and Deborah Adler. Collaborating artists are: Joseph O’Neal and Colleen Gutwein, Nine Worlds: Heidi Hussa and Linda Hu, Laken Whitecliffe and Miguel Paniagua, “And / Or Films”, Irrelevant: Kevin Durkin and Eric Durkin, Afterlife: Jennifer Schwartz and Linda Chen.

Reception: Friday, October 10, 6 – 10pm
Exhibit will be on view through October 24

Also on view:
Index Project Space: “Stratospheric: A Floating Hammock Project”
by Lisa Conrad and Amanda Thackray
27 Mix: Artwork by Laken Whitecliffe and Elizabeth Storm

Sliv•er    ˈslivər/
“Noun: sliver; plural noun: slivers a small, thin, narrow piece of something cut or split off a larger piece.” Sliver is a group show featuring the current class of Montclair State University graduate students, as well as the recent graduating class.
Participating artists Alex Schoenberg, Natasha Jozi, Christine Soccio, Daniel Morowitz, Teresa Braun, Dana Hemes, Irena Pejovic, Jackie Walsh, Stephen Douglass, Esmerelda Vazquez, John Ryan, and John Spano show a diversity of practices, that form trends in the work as a collective whole; relational aesthetics, representation, the body, and the environment, intersect to create new paradigms.
As artist Natasha Jozi describes her work: “The body experiences its relation to its ‘self’ through the ways it shares experiences in the world.” Dana Hemes conversely states “The world is a complex system made up of many small interactions which produce endless patterns and forms, a non-anthropocentric viewpoint offers understandings of these environmental states as fluid systems.” Together both artists offer a cross-section of how we interact with the world, slivers into our relationship with the environment.
Despite the wide range of practices, each sliver does not present a cursory view of art school practices, but acts as windows into a greater world through varying points of view.
Alex Schoenberg makes drawings that “include visual paradoxes, disconnected structures and seepage that don’t quite manage to bring chaos to the scene.” Esmerelda Vazquez “relies on an unreliable narrator to construct a world of cryptozoology.” Between them representation is reactive, the environment is both a folly of design as well as a farce in description.
Using photography, Stephen Douglass “interrogates the obsolete currency of communication asserting instead the bare act of ‘truth telling’ while refusing to communicate ‘truth,’” using the camera as the maker of truth and perpetuator of lies; Jackie Walsh however “explores the physicality of the photographic medium in order to authentically capture the real effect of a process, rather than transform it into a representation.”
No one artist in the show claims to speak for all truth, but instead uses the varying viewpoints to separate from a singular narrative. John Spano “interrupts the world using light, sound and installation to contrast with the status quo of suburbia,” while Christine Soccio “creates systems of interference to generate new forms from non repeating patterns.” Both artists are considering work as an interruption, rather than an addition to existing discourses.
Movement and painting share equally dichotomous yet dependent relationships with the works of John Ryan and Irena Pejovic respectively; Irena “explores the movement limits of materials” and John” Organizes material to simultaneous compose a painting while offsetting the composition of space as a whole.”
The viewer, as opposed to material and representation, is directly confronted by Teresa Braun’s “eroticized, ritualized fables” and Daniel Morowitz’s “sadomasochistic paint objects” in a way to position the viewer physically within the work as opposed to the cursory viewing of a show. With each piece, the artists attempt to give a sliver of their greater conceptual practices, showing that the parts really do make up the whole.

Music by:
Bible Gun and others

Index’s Newark Invitational will revolve around the Newark Arts Council’s 13th annual Open Doors event happening October 9 through October 19.

This event is sponsored by our neighbors at Kilkenny Alehouse and 27 Mix

Gallery hours:
Thur: 6-9 pm
Fri – Sat.: 1-4 pm
Viewing appointments are welcome
Exhibit will be on view through October 24

Index Art Center
237 Washington Street
Newark, NJ 07102
Gallery ph. 862-218-0278
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