Saturday, April 16

Jim Tuite: Their Bodies (NJ) 5:00
Music by Anthony Donovan. Video by Jim Tuite.

Mauricio Saenz: Insular (Mexico) 3:30
“Insular” inquires on the concept of physical relocating as an act of resistance and transformation. The metaphor of the insular as an isolated place makes the rebelliousness of confronting adversity implicit, materialized as a barrier that entails any kind of migration.

Sanja Hurem: Genius Loci (NY / Berlin) 1:10
A tactile wander through a city. It does not matter where we are. A limbo of disorientation between nowhere and anywhere. A welcome to Neverland.

Drew Walker: Liberty Moonshine B(e)ar (Detroit, MI) 2:58
The Liberty Moonshine Bear is a character and series of artworks by Walker focused on the theme of what he calls “high functioning delirium,” caused and maintained via “a state of Libertarian performative toxicity.” It features the Blue Chicken Radio that is another theme from Walker’s work. Images and inspirations are tied to the West Virginia town where his mother was raised.

Eduardo Herrera: Resilient Mist (Italy) 2:50
“Resilient mist” tries to explain what I feel and what I see inside of me through the resilient power of mist.

Nenad Milcevic: Replanting The Roots (Denmark) 7:00
Replanting the Roots deals with the condition of Uprootedness. One of the explanation is “to displace, as from a home or country; tear away, as from customs or a way of life”. ‘Uprootedness’ can be seen as a universal condition resulting from the destruction of ties with the past and the dissolution of community. ‘Uprootedness’ it is usually known as the product of forced migration. Uprooting is a painful phase in the life cycle, of individual and collectivity, when all the ties with its original soil are lost forever. Uprootedness does not only refer to refugees and immigrants but to anybody who due to the social or economical hardship was forced to cut the connection to its previous being.

Heejoo Kim: Unwearable Functional Garment III (Ohio) 5:00
Unwearable Functional: Akinetic Mutism is an experimental animated film depicted a woman in society through virtual transformed garment and states of Akinetic Mutism. The surrounding, body gestures, and symptom of akinetic mutism delivered a specific emotional undergo and struggles. On the contrary, the altered garments, skin, ornaments and objects seek for other solutions.

James Chrzan: House Fire On Mason Street (Chicago, IL) 1:23
A hazy memory of a house fire on a hot summer night.

Jennie Thwing: My Black Hole (NY) 8:00
My Black hole is an animated film about the artist’s creative process in the studio. It references personal history, ideology, social context, family mythologies and dreams. It was created at the Millay Artist Colony in August 2013.

Mark Franz: Body Without Organs (Ohio) 2:34
“Body without organs” is an experimental animation that explores the mystical singularity of the body in terms of its separate functioning parts. Philosophers Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari use this term to refer to the “cosmic egg” of life.

Omri Harmelin: Self Popular (NY) 3:46
In the game Hang Man, the stick figure does not exist or appear in its fullness unless the guessing player is “dead”. In SELF POPULAR the need to be seen is tested and challenged. The heart of the video shows a conversation between a viewer and Elvis as he appears in Andy Warhol’s painting Double Elvis (1963). The video contradictions arise between the will of the viewer to take part and his dialog with the image.

Kate Raney, Christy LeMaster: Cleo from 5:41 to 5:43 (Ohio) 15:00
Using a scene from Agnes Varda’s film Cleo from 5 to 7 as a prompt, multiple women assume the role of Cleo. Through a combination of animation, live action and documentary, Cleo from 5:41 to 5:43 captures the actresses as they deal with the complex negotiation between performing femininity and embodying the self.


Liz Rodda: Turn Your Face Toward The Sun (Texas) 5:42
“Turn Your Face Toward The Sun” consists of scanned images from modern furniture magazines that pan and zoom slowly over time. The audio is made up of a girl chewing gum and whispering positive affirmations.

Heejoo Kim: Paramnesia (Ohio) 5:10
Deciphering the meaning of “Paramnesia” in terms of psychiatry; the definition is a distortion of memory in which fact and fantasy are confused. Visually and conceptually most of my works are rooted in virtual and unwearable yet emotionally functional garments and veiled memories. In this work, I reflect and depict the poignant derivation of pregnant woman figure with her garment based on my experience and indistinguishable recollections. I experimented with virtually transformative fabrics and objects to complete sensitive functional wear and an environment for ambivalence about pre delivery aggravation and sentiment. My subconscious engram is redefined in such images. They are combined with themes of predicaments, dilemma, vulnerability, blessing, feasibility and longing. Abstract maternity clothing and reformed body symbolize expectation and trepidation of uncertainty: the core of the pre birth sentimental concern and expectation. In spite of her uneasy gesture, the figure of woman delivers an altered inspiration. Although similarly restricted movements look somewhat uncomfortable or irritating, they are preparing and waiting for a new being.

Pablo Robertson De Unamuno: The Dream Life of Debris (UK) 6:00
The Dream Life of Debris is the story of a man caught between a reality he wishes to escape and a dream that becomes a nightmare. The film depicts the psychological journey of an urban professional who longs to return to a natural environment he suddenly realizes has ceased to exist and was perhaps always his own romanticized illusion. This revelation haunts him. He seeks solace in nature only to find himself imprisoned, surrounded by death and destruction caused by man as well as the limits of his own perspective as a twenty-first-century man.

Stephanie Deumer: What Is An Object? (Canada) 7:00
This video utilizes collaged materials to interrogate the objectification of women in film, art, and everyday life. The found footage features women under the male gaze, whether viewed through the eyes of an artist, producer, actor, or character. With a continuously shifting ground, the video renders something entirely apart from its components while relying on the context and framing of its fragments to do so. The women who were once subjects turned into objects (through objectification) are now turned back into subjects through matter. Not only are the women now subject matter, they are subjects that matter.

Carlo Ferraris: Easter Standard Time (NY) 18:00
Eastern Standard Time is a humorous and disturbing video about a young man’s mental breakdown. The work wants to reflection the situations of loss, while pointing out the absurdity of our adopted views of the world

Sanja Hurem: Metamorphosis (NY / Berlin) 2:58
This piece invites us into the exploration of a dream space where time is circular and place is uncertain. The question of where and how one exists takes center stage. Who is the one in existence?

Jack Ryan: Moire’ Curtain (USA) 0:58
Moire’ Curtain’s audio is generated by cross fading a beta frequency and a theta frequency, the collision propagates an audio moire’ pattern. Beta frequencies are those generated during normal waking hours having a frequency of 14-28 cycles per second. Beta is the state in which you are active and alert while Theta waves are often achieved during dreams or periods of deep relaxation.

Peter Mack: Conversations (Massachusetts) 1:00
Observations on social interactions/conversations by Peter Mack.